The Ultimate Gift Guide For Coffee Lovers

Whether it be for Christmas, their birthday, Mother’s/Father’s Day or just as a bit of a treat (‘cos everybody loves an unexpected treat), finding a gift which taps into somebody’s passions and tastes means they will be super happy and you will win some brownie points.

You can, of course, get them a coffee subscription box, or a coffee making gadget such as a new pod machine or a flask they can take on-the-go to stop them complaining about the price of their morning coffee shop visit.

But if you want to be a tad more adventurous, there is plenty of options to go all out. Here are 29 gift ideas for any coffee connoisseurs in your life:


Taylerson’s Coffee Lovers Syrups Taster Set

They love their coffee strong with a splash of milk and half a sugar. But they also love the flavoured coffees which their local coffee shop prepares, and it would make their dreams come true if they could have it whenever they wanted. Here is the perfect selection pack.

Getting it as a Christmas gift? Buy the Christmas Coffee Shots Gift Set  

Taylersons Coffee Lovers Syrups Taster Set

Solid Oak Personalised Coffee Scoop

The coffee lover in your life probably gets through an awful lot of the stuff every week. This little device will help them measure out the perfect amount while keeping the contents of the bag fresh until it’s all gone.

Rita Farhi Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Crunchy whole espresso beans covered in moreish dark chocolate. The perfect way for anyone to get their caffeine fix in non-liquid form.

Emergency Coffee Break Kit

Their worst fear is realising they have run out of coffee and biccies when they’ve just popped the kettle on. Their entire household lives in fear of their reaction. But with this lifesaver, they just have to break the seal and peace can be resumed.

Whittard of Chelsea Coffees of the World Gift Set

You feel that, even though they are perfectly happy with their instant cup of Nescafè Gold every day, they may like to branch out every so often. This pack of Whittard’s nine most popular blends will take them on a voyage.

Coffees of the World Gift Set

Coffee Dusted Chocolate Coated Hazelnuts

Coffee and hazelnuts. A match made in heaven. And a sweet treat made with every single coffee lover in mind.


TWISTED ENVY “You May Speak Now” Ceramic Mug

You have a particular colleague who nobody dares even approaching before 10 am when their first coffee has all been consumed. This mug is the perfect nod towards their slight caffeine reliance, albeit non-subtle so make sure you’re both on good terms.

Leonardo Bubbly Breakfast Coffee Mug

They love a good glass of prosecco even more than they love their coffee. This cup will tide them over until a suitable time of day is reached to crack out the bubbly.

BigMouth Inc “Before and After 5” Wine and Coffee Glass

Or, if they simply can’t even wait long enough to change their mug to a glass, why not get them a 2-in-1 mug/glass?

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Their passion is photography, but a flask of coffee can sometimes be just as important to help them function as their actual camera.

Stroppy Before Coffee Bone China Mug

You will know somebody who this will fit perfectly, so we will say no more.

Stroppy Before Coffee Bone China Mug


‘First I Drink The Coffee Then I Do The Things’ Notebook

Everybody needs a notebook kept to hand, and this one will let their colleagues know they aren’t ready to go until their mug is empty again.

“The World Atlas of Coffee” by James Hoffmann

Coffee is not just a good drink; it is also fascinating to learn about. If your coffee fan fancies themselves as a bit of an expert, then this book will help them polish up their knowledge.

“The Coffee Dictionary: An A-Z of Coffee” by Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

Your acquaintance lives off the stuff, but are clueless about it. Help them out.

“Coffee Art: Creative Coffee Designs for the Home Barista” by Dhan Tamang

They never stop talking about their new bean-to-cup machine complete with milk frother which will allow them to make every variety of coffee known to man at the touch of two buttons, but their coffee art is mediocre at best. This can guide them to polish up their skills.

“The Art & Craft of Coffee Cocktails” by Jason Clark

You know that they always order an Espresso Martini, but when they try to recreate it at home, it doesn’t quite go to plan. Or maybe they’ve always wanted to try a Death By Caffeine cocktail but can’t find one which serves it anywhere. This book will be an education.


Cappuccino Truffle Yankee Candle 

Did you know the smell of coffee alone can have a positive effect on a person’s mental stimulation and can combat nausea? This candle is perfect for that person who finds the aroma just as important as the liquid. And it is a Yankee so should last for-ev-er.

Yankee Candle Cappuccino Truffle Small Pillar Candle

‘I’ll Start Working When My Coffee Does’ Wooden Engraved Coaster

They drink coffee so much that there is a coaster permanently out of the stack on the coffee table, but those boring ones don’t let everyone else in the household know to leave the person in peace until they’re finished. This one does.

Coffee Themed Cushion Cover

Brew time is sacred, as is having it at their perfect seat. Even the cat/dog knows to scarper when the kettle is flicked on. This cushion cover will ensure that no guests mistakenly steal their favourite coffee-drinking spots ever again.

Grow Your Own Coffee Plant Kit

We would all have a home full of plants if we could. This little kit will let your coffee and horticulture loving pal grow a coffee plant from seed all by themselves.

Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container

Only the best coffee storage container will do for them. One which feels all gadget-y to keep their coffee at its peak. A canister with a freshness valve which vents out harmful carbon dioxide but prevents oxygen getting in. Frustratingly, they haven’t found it yet. But you now have.


BRUBAKER Cosmetics Bath Bomb ‘Coffee Break’ Gift Set

They love the smell of coffee in the morning. Now they can run a bath at night and relive it all over again. Plus it is vegan which may tick another box.

LUXE Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee doesn’t just have a positive effect on mental stimulation. It’s rich in antioxidants, so a good anti-inflammatory, and caffeine draws out excessive moisture to make skin feel smoother and firmer. They will love it so much that they won’t even think to take it the wrong way.

See You Latte Women’s Slogan Sweatshirt

They like puns. They like lattes. They like jumpers. They sound wonderful. Show your appreciation.

See You Latte Womens Slogan Sweatshirt

Coffee Soap Bar With Vanilla Cream

For anyone looking to take their household by surprise and come bouncing down the stairs in the morning after a shower before they’ve even had their fuel. Miracles can happen.

Hurraw! Lip Balm, Coffee Bean

They can’t be drinking coffee every second of the day as much as they’d love to, but for those in between times they can use this lip balm and it could trick their mind into believing they are. It is also vegan, organic and made of completely raw ingredients. Hurrah!

Personalised ‘Monogram’ Coffee Cup Tshirt by Rock On Ruby

Slightly subtle. Fully coffee related. Personalised. Ideal.

‘The Bookist’ Coffee And Chocolate Botanical Perfume

Last but not least, for something very very different, a coffee-related perfume will probably do the trick. It mostly smells like bitter orange and bergamot, subtly blended with magnolia and Damascus rose. The coffee just adds character.

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