Coffee Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate sauce is a popular addition to sweet pudding dishes such as waffles, pancakes and ice cream. Adding coffee into the equation doesn’t just reduce the sweetness a bit, but also adds a rich kick which takes things up a level.

It is also great acting as a dipping sauce, for some biscotti or pretzels when you’re having your after-dinner coffee or for churros and doughnuts. Why not make a bigger batch and serve at a party, or even use as a drizzle or glaze on cakes and biscuits?

Chocolate Coffee Sauce Recipe


  • 150g 70%+ dark chocolate, chopped small
  • 100ml espresso coffee
  • 100ml honey
  • 150ml double cream


  1. Add all ingredients to a pan except the cream and heat gently, until all of the ingredients have melted together
  2. Remove and then slowly add the cream, and stir until mixed throughout. Slowly adding the cream allows you to get the perfect desired consistency – more cream means it is runnier
  3. Serve in a cup for dipping or pouring. If you want it to be thicker, allow it to cool before serving


Add 100g small marshmallows to the mix before heating for a sweeter end

The espresso should be very strong, but you can use less or instant if you don’t want it to come through as much

The sauce should store for around one week in the fridge and can be heated before serving again if you want to make it runnier