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Italian Affogato

A classic Italian affogato is pretty simple, yet the perfect after-dinner sweet treat for any coffee lover.

It can be kept basic for the traditional coffee and ice cream combination or jazzed up with a sprinkle of chocolate, cinnamon or even just a different flavour of ice cream if you’re willing to try the combination.

The literal meaning of affogato is ‘drowning’, so the idea is to drown the ice cream with the coffee.

The below is for one serving. It is perfect served in a glass.


  • One scoop vanilla ice cream
  • 50ml strong espresso coffee, made to instructions


  1. Make the espresso coffee, with 50ml per serving
  2. Put a scoop of ice cream into each glass or cup, ‘drowning’ it with the coffee afterwards. Serve while warm and the ice cream is melting

As an addition, you could sprinkle with chocolate powder or other flavourings before serving, or you can add a few squares of chocolate to the hot coffee before pouring over the ice cream.