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Flavour Of The Month: Penningtons Coffee

A family business who have won multiple awards, deliver hand-roasted ethical coffee and even sell pods which can be composted from the safety of your own home.

Intrigued? Of course you are.

Penningtons Coffee sells house blends, speciality coffee, micro-lot coffee and seasonal blends, and hand roast everything to order at their roastery in Kendal. Not only is their coffee great and is the utmost care taken over everything they sell, but Penningtons is also proud to be the only company north of the M25 that roasts its own coffee for compostable pods.

Penningtons Coffee

The Pennington family has its roots in Kendal and the English Lake District, dating back to 1709. They have over 50 years experience in sourcing and supplying coffee to the Lakes and beyond, originally focusing on the hospitality industry.

They make coffee, tea and compostable coffee pods, the latter of which is particularly important to us. As we all know, coffee pods have made life easier, but haven’t improved the state of our landfill sites and the waste produced by the earth.

So, these allow you to enjoy the ease and handiness of coffee pods, without producing the waste. They can be added to your general waste too, so you don’t have to go out of your way to enjoy your coffee or save the planet.

When sourcing their coffee, they put their trust in expert coffee importers with decades of experience. They ensure that farmers are well looked after on the journey and then put these coffees together to create their speciality roasts.

You will also never hear “Suitable for all coffee makers” anywhere on their site, because rightly so, they know that different machines require different grind levels – and they want to make sure your coffee is perfect. You can also buy as whole bean, however, just in case you like to take matters into your own hands.

Penningtons Coffee Review

Subscription Service

Penningtons offer both a tea or a coffee subscription. When you take one out, you have access to an online profile which will allow you to control every aspect of the subscription, including pausing or changing deliveries.

All beans are hand-roasted to ensure the freshest possible result, and subscriptions are sent in letterbox-friendly parcels so you don’t even have to be in to accept it. Postage is included in the cost every month, and it is a simple matter of choosing your grind type (or pod), coffee type and subscription length (ongoing or 3 month).

As for the coffee types, Coffee Club will give you a 250g bag of their House coffees on rotation, with three to choose from. Or, the Roasters Choice option will ensure head roaster Dean sends you his choice for the month if you want a continuous surprise.

The three month length is a great option for anyone wanting to gift a subscription box to someone you love, and you can also add any extra notes and they’d be happy to look into it. You can even put that actually, you want to stick to receiving the same coffee every time.

You don’t just have to stick to coffee, either – why not also get fruit or original tea thrown in for those Sunday afternoons when you’re sleepy from a roast and want something gentle? To get the most out of your monthly offering, they also give you tasting notes with every delivery.

Compostable Coffee Pods

We originally found Penningtons through their compostable coffee pod service. They are one of our picks for the best compostable coffee pods in the UK and are 100% compostable and suitable for all original Nespresso machines.

Penningtons Compostable Pods

Penningtons home, the Lake District, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which has furthered their passion for the environment. Further, they use power exclusively from renewable sources, recycled packing materials for deliveries and the majority of their waste is recycled.

Using a cornstarch pod, lids and wrappers mean they don’t stick around for 500 years in the earth. Plus, they’re super easy to dispose of, in either food waste, home compost or general waste. So, even if you don’t have a compost bin, lovely garden or food collection, you can still do your bit.

What We Tried

Penningtons were kind enough to send us some of their compostable pods, as well as their Olde Kendal blend from their Coffee Club, Kisinga Rwenzori coffee and their Roaster’s Choice pick for this month, the Brazil Cerrado.

Penningtons Coffee

A sheet is included with some information on the Subscription pick of the month, which was the Cerrado in our case. Where is it from? How is it roasted, and why to that level? Which flavours can we expect to taste?

All questions which are answered with the information, as well as more technical info such as the altitude it was grown at, and variety of bean.

The Olde Kendal is one of their signature picks, inspired by the town and with a sweet, fruity, full-bodied coffee flavour. You can taste the almonds and chocolate, and there is a lovely lingering aftertaste which is slightly fruity, like lemons and oranges. 

Brazil Cerrado Coffee Beans are the highest grade of the famous Brazilian Beans, so we had high expectations. We can confirm that it is ideal for anyone after the traditional coffee flavours – medium roast means it has a kick, but the chocolatey, nutty flavours soften this a little and make it slightly mellow, perfect for a morning. The sweetness is delicate too, so is ideal with or without milk.

The Kisinga is single-origin, named after the small town located in the foothills of Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains. In contrast, there is a very light flavour which is ideal if you want something which isn’t too heavy or intense. A light roast brings out the notes of strawberry, blueberry and white peach, and it is ideal for drinking without milk.

We had ground coffee and used a cafetiere and a Moka pot, which both brought out great results and flavours.

Why Choose Penningtons?

  • Great control over your subscription
  • Surprise coffee every month (or stick to what you know & love)
  • Can also add tea and you get something different every month
  • Family business with years of experience
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