Coffee Guides and Knowledge

This section is full of information to help you understand more about coffee. It contains tips on how to get the most out of your espresso machines and coffee makers. So with a bit of practice you’ll soon be making better tasting coffee than your local cafe.

General Coffee Information

  • From Harvest to Cup: A guide to the various stages coffee goes through before it can be drunk.
  • Coffee Calculator: Work out exactly how much ground coffee to use.
  • Coffee Freshness: How long coffee stays fresh for and how to keep your coffee fresher for longer.
  • Caffeine in Coffee: Discusses the amount of caffeine in coffee and how it varies from bean to bean.
  • Fairly Traded Coffee: Why speciality coffee by its nature is fairly traded.
  • Instant Coffee: Why we should switch from instant to freshly brewed coffee.
  • What is an ESE Coffee Pod?


  • Part 1: Africa and Arabia
  • Part 2: Spread of Coffee to Europe
  • Part 3: Colonisation of Coffee
  • Part 4: Commercialisation of Coffee
  • Part 5: Speciality Coffee
  • History of the Cafetiere: A brief history on the invention of the cafetiere.
  • History of the Stove-top Espresso Maker: A brief history on Alfonso Bialetti's invention of the stove-top espresso maker.

Cafetieres and French Presses

  • Brewing Guide to Cafetieres / French Press: A basic step by step method of how to make great coffee using your cafetiere.
  • Buyers' Guide to Cafetiere / French Press: Help choosing the perfect cafetiere.

Coffee Grinders

Coffee Makers

  • Buyers' Guide to Coffee Makers: Help choosing the perfect coffee maker.

Espresso Machines

  • Ready to buy? Read our latest espresso machine reviews here.
  • The Five Elements for Good Espresso: The traditional Italian rule of the 'Five M's', which all must be achieved to make tasty espresso.
  • Basic Espresso Technique: A step by step guide to brewing espresso.
  • Definition of Espresso: The key characteristics that define an espresso.
  • Illustrated Guide to Espresso Based Drinks: How to make cappuccinos, lattes etc.

Pour Over / Manual Filter Coffee Makers

Stove Top Espresso Makers

  • Ready To Buy? Read our latest stove-top espresso maker reviews here.
  • Brewing Guide To Stove-top Espresso Makers: A basic step by step method of how to make great coffee using your stove-top espresso maker.
  • Seasoning a Stove-top Espresso Maker: Preparing your maker for first use.
  • Buyers' Guide to Stove-top Espresso Makers: Help choosing the perfect one for you.
  • How a Stove-top Espresso Maker Works: A brief explanation of how they work.