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Guide To Using An Aeropress

If you have ever looked into trying to find the best way to make coffee when you are on holiday, camping or just have no access to complicated equipment.

We have a big roundup of the best ways to make coffee when you are on-the-go or away from home and need something portable, but the standout (and bestseller) will always be the Aeropress.

It revolutionised the way we make coffee when away from home – and can also be used at home to make a coffee in under one minute – but how on earth do you use it?

Preparing The Aeropress

First of all, there are a couple of things you need.

You will need to use already hot water if you want a normal warm coffee. There is no way to warm it up unless done once made over a campfire. But you can use a flask of warm water, or heat it separately.

Cold water can be used if you’re not too bothered about the actual temperature, but want the caffeine kick (or if you’re making cold brew).

The Aeropress also sits over a cup, so when you use the plunger, it pours straight into the mug. Then of course, you will need to add milk and sugar to the cup if this is how you drink your coffee, as you can’t add them to the Aeropress.

Using Aeropress

How To Use An Aeropress

Thankfully, they are easy to use and take no effort at all.

  1. Push the plunger out of the chamber, and put a filter in the filter cap
  2. Twist the filter cap onto the chamber, and stand this over a mug on a flat surface
  3. Put one rounded scoop of finely grounded drip coffee in the chamber
  4. Shake the Aeropress to even the coffee for a smooth water surface
  5. Add water up to the ‘Level 1’ mark on the chamber. This should be 80°C for hot brew
  6. Stir for 10-20 seconds
  7. Insert the plunger, and press down until you feel resistance. Pause, then continue until you reach the grounds
  8. When done, remove the filter cap, push the plunger to get rid of the coffee grounds and rinse out

Making Cold Coffee With An Aeropress

  1. Follow the above up to Step 5
  2. Use tap water for a cold brew coffee, pouring up to Level 1 on the chamber
  3. Stir for around 1 minute. Allow to sit for even longer for a stronger taste
  4. Insert plunger as above, slowly pushing until you reach the grounds

Customising Your Drink

For an espresso, drink as it is.

If you are drinking an Americano, top up with water for a 237ml mug.

For latte drinks, instead top with milk.

If making a long iced cold brew coffee, top up with tap or iced water to 237ml.