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Coffee Cup Recycling Bins Are Being Introduced To Train Stations

Dedicated coffee cup recycling bins are being installed in some of Britain’s busiest railway stations to try and cut down on waste.

The orange bins will be present in Network Rail’s 20 stations by the end of next month, including at Birmingham New Street, Edinburgh Waverley, London Waterloo, Leeds and Manchester Piccadilly.

It is part of a partnership involving Network Rail, environmental charity Hubbub and waste management firm Interserve, in response to a Network Rail survey indicating that only 30% of coffee cups are actually suitably recycled in a bin dedicated to the cups.

The money was raised through the Hubbub Cup Fund, which generates income from the 5p voluntary charge on disposable cups introduced by Starbucks.

We are all becoming increasingly concerned about how single-use products are affecting the planet, and as coffee lovers, this means we are behind the amazing reusable coffee cups you can now buy. But they aren’t always practical if you’re in a rush or could do with a coffee when you thought you were otherwise pretty awake.

Single-use takeaway cups are notoriously hard to recycle when placed with other similar materials, such as plastics and cardboard. Not only do they contain mixed materials, but there is also coffee residue often left behind.

The recycled cups will be turned into products such as reusable cups and packaging.

“Save, Sip and Recycle”

Jo Lewington, chief environment and sustainability officer at Network Rail, said: “We know that more of our passengers want to do their bit for the environment and recycling is an easy way for them to get involved.

“So, as we start to welcome passengers back in ever increasing numbers, we’re working harder than ever to ensure our stations are not only cleaner, but also greener.”

Network Rail have coined a simple yet effective message to go with the campaign – ‘Sip, Save and Recycle’.

While reusable cups are the best option for commuters and coffee shop visitors, we can’t always be perfect and remember to bring everything with us in the mornings. Some cafes currently also not accepting reusable cups because of Covid-19.

So, if you will be visiting one of these stations when you jump off the train and head to work, save your cup for the orange bins, and hopefully their popularity will see them introduced to a station near you in the future…

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