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Flavour Of The Month: Clements & Hope

Sick of the same old coffee, day in day out? Know there is a whole world out there but you’re half scared-to-venture-too-far and half perplexed as to what it all means? A subscription box such as that from Clements & Hope is the answer to all of your conundrums.

Every month, you get to try coffee from a different roaster, from right here in the UK.

But, you will also get a 250g bag of Clements & Hope whole bean coffee. It is a signature blend roasted by Stow Town Coffee, just a mile up the road from the C&H HQ.

The roasting partners source their beans ethically and from trusted farms around the world. Then, they are delivered straight to your door. Sounds pretty good to us.

Clements and Hope Subscription

Clements & Hope

A brand run from a country home in the heart of the Cotswolds. As coffee lovers and small business supporters, having a coffee subscription box which supports independent UK roasters sounds like a perfect plan.

Clements & Hope only supply whole beans, which means you get the freshest produce and can grind them to the level you require.

The beauty of buying a subscription box from Clements & Hope is the personal feel. Run out of coffee? Loved that one you tried and want to order more? Just send them a message and someone will be there to help.

The subscription boxes are biodegradable, contain no petroleum-based plastics and are made from a minimum of 90% recycled material. Any paper pulp has been sourced from responsibly managed forests too.

Subscription Service

Subscriptions from Clements & Hope can either be monthly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly or annual. It will arrive ready to brew, having been roasted and rested, and the longer the plan you prepay for, the more money you save.

You can pause, skip or cancel at any time. As long as you sign back up for the 1st of the month, it will be delivered around the 15th so you have plenty of coffee to get you through the rest of the month.

With the coffee, you get a brew guide and recipe card. Royal Mail delivers the boxes for a £3 charge, which is automatically added to your payment.

Clements and Hope Coffee Subscription

Coffee Shop

Not only do you get the chance to buy coffee for delivery every month, but Clements & Hope also sell equipment and accessories they approve of, in case you’re on a mission to bolster your coffee experience.

This includes brewing equipment such as pour overs and cold brew pots, as well as grinders and reusable cups. They also sell one-off gift coffee boxes, in case you have a coffee lover in your life and want to give them an insight into the coffee subscription world.

What We Tried

As mentioned, with every box comes Clements & Hope’s own coffee – 1 x 250g bag Whole Bean Colombia & Sumatra. It was Medium roast, with notes of caramel and sugar cane giving it a perfect balance of richness and natural sweetness which went down a treat with us all. It is 100% Arabica Blend (so quality is guaranteed) and was perfect in our bean to cup machine and as filter coffee.

This month was also a Speciality Roast from Iron & Fire. It was 1 x 220g bag Whole Bean Brazilian Mata Do Salgado, with lovely rich tones and a hint of chocolate. Both coffees were notable and would be perfect if you’re an all-day drinker (of coffee) – Iron & Fire’s went down a treat.

The beauty of a box like this is that if you love the coffees, you can also order them separately. They were definitely two of the best coffees we have tried so far on our FOTM feature, and it is all thanks to Clements & Hope that we discovered them.

Clements and Hope Subscription Review

So…Why Choose Clements & Hope?

  • Discover new coffee every month
  • Wonderful taste – some of the best we have ever tried
  • Roasters are UK based
  • You’re supporting multiple small businesses
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