The Best Coffee Gifts For Christmas 2020

If your gift recipient adores coffee, then it is a pretty easy theme to stick to when it comes to trying to find the perfect present for any event.

But do you like your gifts to be a bit more festive for Christmas compared to everything on our Ultimate Coffee Lover Gift Guide? Do they themselves love the season just as much as they do coffee, so you want to get them something which blends both passions in to one?

The below gifts are all absolutely perfect for finding that something a little bit different, with jingle bells and baubles and tinsel and fairy lights on top.


Leak Proof Recycled Cup by Circular&Co

This was rated our top reusable cup in our review of the best around, and with every person and their dog really thinking about their eco habits nowadays, there will be nothing better to buy your coffee and planet loving recipient.

It is great for commuters and on-the-go as it is 100% leakproof, and because it is made entirely from single-use paper cups, it is the most ethical on the market.

Christmas Coffee Shots Gift Set by Taylerson’s Malmesbury Syrups

The perfect little stocking filler for that person who starts eating mince pies in October and can’t get enough of festive flavours. Gingerbread, chocolate orange, christmas cake, eggnog and cinnamon are included.

Stables Coffee Starter Pack

A starter pack is a great gift for a coffee lover – they get to try new things, and maybe even find their new favourite blend, all with you to thank.

Matthew and Daniel are an Indie-folk duo by trade called Stables, but coffee is another big passion of theirs. With the need to diversify a little due to issues with the current music scene, roasting coffee made perfect sense – and this coffee was well worth them doing so!

The starter pack contains their three signature roasts – Roast On The Road, Studi-Oh So Tasty and The Backstage Belter – and is roasted fresh in their micro-roastery.

The perfect accompaniment to their tunes in the background, and you’re supporting a small business.

Stables Coffee Starter Pack
London Nootropics x Frank Green Ceramic Coffee Cup + 12 sachets

London Nootropics Gift Box

This is a brilliant little gift box which is perfect for coffee lovers and reusable cup users alike.

The reusable ceramic coffee cup is made in collaboration with Frank Green & designed by artist Ellie Heywood, and adaptogenic coffee uses adaptogens to help the drinker “find their flow”, so it could be a great option for anyone who LOVES coffee yet suffers from the effects of too much caffeine.

You get 12 sachets of their 3 coffee blends, which are all for different outcomes. Great for that colleague who still needs a boost but hits a wall at about 2pm.

The Christmas Quartet Hamper

The Christmas Quartet Hamper

The best part about giving a gift hamper for Christmas is that they have to offer you one thing from it at the very least. You will find spice-rich loose leaf black Christmas Tea, hazelnut flavoured Christmas Coffee, Luxury hot chocolate and Christmas Pudding biscuits nestled inside this hamper, so you might actually have to sneak a second treat too.

Festive Coffee Selection, 6 Flavours

12 Days Of Christmas Coffee

The days approaching the big 25th December finale are hectic. They need to be awake, yet take some time out for themselves. There are 12 sachets of quality speciality coffee in this box, and you can choose from beans or grinds for them.

Coffee And Book Club Subscription Gift

Coffee And Book Club Subscription Gift

A vintage paperback and delicious ground coffee on their doorstep every single month? We think you will definitely have someone in mind which this is perfect for. Choose from 3, 4, 5, 6 or 12 months.

Novelty Stocking Filler Coffee Gift

Novelty Stocking Filler Coffee Gift

You want to give them that something a bit extra, which will literally fit in their stocking (and see them through what is quite a hectic day).

Christmas Coffee Bauble

Alcohol Infused Coffee

If there is one day where they can mix a tipple with their morning brew, then it is Christmas Morning. Or afternoon as they are cooking the turkey. And evening, to settle the 83 mince pies. Perfect for whiskey lovers.

Christmas Coffee Clip Top Tin

Christmas Coffee Clip Top Tin

A hazelnut flavoured Christmas Coffee *and* a stackable seasonal clip top tin that can be treasured for years to come? All their Christmases have come at once.

Grunwerg Drink Pod

Grunwerg Drink Pod

Will they be taking their coffee on their commute rather than buying it at Costa on the way? Maybe their New Year’s resolution is to save money, or save the planet? Good on them – help them out with something that will actually keep their coffee warm.

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