The Best Coffee Gifts For Christmas

If your gift recipient adores coffee, then it is a pretty easy theme to stick to when it comes to trying to find the perfect present for any event.

But do you like your gifts to be a bit more festive for Christmas compared to everything on our Ultimate Coffee Lover Gift Guide? Do they themselves love the season just as much as they do coffee, so you want to get them something which blends both passions in to one?

The below gifts are all absolutely perfect for finding that something a little bit different, with jingle bells and baubles and tinsel and fairy lights on top.

Coffee Advent Calendar

Coffee Advent Calendar by Tea Revv


You’ll have to be on the ball for this one. The recipient can experience 24 freshly ground quality coffees at home, so this is one best for an early pressie they can experience during the entire festive period.

Christmas Coffee Shots Gift Set by Taylerson’s Malmesbury Syrups


The perfect little stocking filler for that person who starts eating mince pies in October and can’t get enough of festive flavours. Gingerbread, chocolate orange, christmas cake, eggnog and cinnamon are included.

Christmas Coffee Stencils


They have mastered the art of the cappuccino at home, but that random sprinkle of chocolate powder on the top won’t do in the run up to Christmas. Think snowmen, Christmas trees, holly and, of course, Rudolph.

Coffee And Alcohol Filled Christmas Crackers


A little bit of coffee. A little bottle of Bailey’s. Some would argue that they need no more on Christmas Day. Each box contains six crackers, which bang like the usual ones but are filled with something other than a strange metal ‘puzzle’ game you’ll have lost by Boxing Day.

Festive Coffee Selection, 6 Flavours

Festive Coffee Selection


Colombian, Amaretto Irish Cream, Chocolate, Orange Brandy and Hazelnut flavour are all included in little boxes. They just need to add the contents to a cafetiere and sit back and enjoy what is to come.

Running On Coffee And Christmas Cheer Sweatshirt

Running On Coffee And Christmas Cheer Sweatshirt


On Christmas Day, every home has that one person who runs around doing everything. Whether they love doing it or not, this could be a great not-so-subtle nod to that. Just ensure they won’t hate that not-so-subtle nod come dinnertime…

Christmas Eve Box Chocolate Mug Cake Kit

Christmas Eve Box Chocolate Mug Cake Kit


T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, except the recipient of this gift as they combined all of the ingredients.

When they wake up the next morning, it is the ideal coffee mug. Cake and coffee… ideal.

Christmas Coffee Bauble

Christmas Coffee Bauble by Whittard


Hazelnut coffee is all the range right now, and they are going to need a quick pick-me-up Boxing Day morning after all that running around and late night.

Gingle Bells Christmas Gin Mug

Gingle Bells’ Christmas Gin Mug by Of Life And Lemons


Coffee is fine for them in the day, but at night only a good old gin and tonic will do. This mug can ensure that gin is with them all through the day, though.

Christmas Coffee Clip Top Tin by Whittard


Another festive hazelnut coffee pick. This one comes in a clip lid tin, and they’re all stackable. With a massive range available, it is the only present for that Whittard-loving human in your life.

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