Flavour Of The Month: Carringtons Coffee Co.

Coffee is a booming business, so it is no surprise that there are dozens of small roasteries, subscription boxes and people doing all manner of wonderful things with coffee out there.

So amongst all of that, we want to bring you a selection of some of our favourite independent businesses who champion the estates growing the coffee, have a strong relationship with the farmers, and who as a result bring their customers exceptional coffee products.

Focusing on small independent businesses when it comes to sourcing coffee is a popular choice. It doesn’t only give you a more personal experience, but they often specialise in Direct Trade coffee from farms which means the producers are treated better, too!

Shopping independent has never been more vital during the current climate. It will ensure all parties involved can continue their amazing work, wherever they are in the world and production scale

To kick off our Secret Coffee Club, we have chosen a company who roast speciality coffees from single estates, and are looking to establish themselves as Cold Brew Coffee specialists…

Carringtons Coffee Co.

Based at Kenyon Hall Farm in Warrington since February 2020, Carringtons Coffee Co. aims to focus on roasting speciality beans from single estates, establishing strong trade bonds and relationships which benefit both parties.

Their main bias is Colombia, where owners Suzy & Alex have a special interest and personal connection. Working on cruise ships for 5 years, they developed international friendships which saw them go to the South American country in 2019.

But their passion had come from a Caribbean cruise in 2017, where they met a “magician of a barista” who was so enthusiastic about coffee that his passion led them down a path dedicated to roasting, brewing and tasting the hot stuff.

Carringtons Coffee Co Box

When in Colombia, they met a mutual friend who is a music school owner in Bogotá and whose family had a coffee farm out in the countryside. This gave them a new appreciation for relationship coffee which is cemented at the forefront of their company ethos.

Now, the coffee roasted at Carringtons Coffee Co. is exactly what the owners would drink themselves. It’s 100% single origin arabica, fully traceable, ethically packaged and roasted fresh, in small batches. This gives you the best results for both your tastebuds and your conscience!

What We Tried

We had the Tanzania and Papua New Guinea blends. On each bag, you get the information on where the farm is, the particular region, variety and roast.

The former is fruity, smooth and creamy, great for anybody who wants something accessible and like a traditional coffee. Perfect for an espresso which gives you that kick and perfect aftertaste.

The latter blend has hints of dark chocolate orange, for people who love something a bit more zingy, rich and full. Sweet and lively, it would be ideal for anyone who drinks coffee for pleasure as well as the caffeine kick!

Carringtons Coffee Co Flavours

On the bag is the roasting date, and a note to say that the coffee is best used within three months of this. They will be kept perfectly preserved in the packaging when open thanks to the little coffee bag vent, which prevents it from going stale to preserve the shelf life.

Carringtons Cold Brew Coffee

Suzy & Alex are seeking to become specialists with one particular type of coffee, however – cold brew.

This dedicated separate roast profile will be perfect for anyone who loves something a bit less acidic but still wants the option to be able to use it as a base with milk, extra water or sweeteners.

Carringtons Cold Brew will be ‘a custom roasted coffee concentrate brewed with cold water and available in sizes perfect for the coffee shop, home or office.’

They describe Cold Brew as:

“Coffee with a lighter roast for making a cold brew. The lighter roast ensures there is no bitterness in the cold brew drink which is steeped for over 12 hours. It’s naturally sweet and you can taste more of the unique flavour notes of the coffee beans”

Coffee Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are one of the best ways to support smaller businesses. Not only do you get a monthly delivery of fresh coffee to your door, but it takes the guesswork out of how much they need to sell every month.

You can build your Carringtons box as you wish, generally choosing from an espresso roast, a medium roast Colombian and a decaf coffee. Select how many bags you will need and the grind level desired based on how you brew.

Carringtons Coffee Co. Subscription Review

You can also change the subscription at any time, in case you want to try something new in order to find a new favourite. Occasionally, what they have on offer will alter but you will be kept in the loop.

The notes section is brilliant too – personalise your selection if you’re ordering a few bags of different coffees, and tell them how you want them as well. We did say shopping with small businesses gives you that extra touch, after all…

There is also a handy Gift Card option available, which can be put towards a subscription or coffee purchase in case you’re not quite sure what the coffee lover in your life will have their eye on!

So – Why Choose Carringtons Coffee Co?

  • Direct Trade coffee – the coffee growers get the best price, too
  • Every single bean can be sourced back to where it was grown
  • Hand roasted for the perfect results
  • Roasted in small batches for even consistency and quality
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Subscription box available
  • Cold Brew coffee specialists
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