Last Updated: 13-08-2020

10 Best Coasters 2020

Not many people love coasters like we do and for most coffee drinkers they are simply the liquid catchers that protect your beloved furniture from stains and mug scratches.

But what these types of people don’t know is that the best coasters aren’t just simple blocks that come between your cup and coffee table. No… the best coasters are ones that bring the two things together, with the flourish and finesse of a stunning design, personalised message or authentic and eye-catching material.

At their best, coasters aren’t just a piece of tableware, they’re a bonafide decoration for your furniture and provide a pleasing accent to your home’s style and colour scheme.

So to help you find some perfect placemats which are as pretty as they are practical, we’ve perused the market to find the ultimate coasters that will make a phenomenal gift for yourself or others!

The Best Table Coasters

The Rustic Dish Personalised Coffee Gift


  • Material: Wood, Marble
  • Dimensions: 9.8 cm Diameter (Circle), 10 x 10 cm (Square)
  • Coasters In Set: 1

Using sustainably sourced materials, this unique and stunning coaster combines the perfect pair of mango wood and marble to create a suave piece of tableware that makes a distinctive gift for your nearest and dearest.

Available in white or grey marble designs to best match your decor, you can also choose between a circle or square coasters to help them best conform to the shape and style of your home furniture.

With anti-scratch pads included, they’re practical too and can be personalised with a wood engraving of up to 50 characters, ensuring that rather than just being a standard wedding or birthday present, they are instead a commemoration of a moment and a treasure to be savoured.

Reasons to Buy

  • Great gift
  • Anti-scratch
  • Handmade & sustainably sourced

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not part of a set

Sophia Victoria Joy’s Personalised Shape Marble Coaster


  • Material: Cork, Marble
  • Dimensions: 11.4 x 9.7 cm
  • Coasters In Set: 1 or 2

A classy material and a peculiar shape, these hexagonal marble coasters are a drop of finesse and that elegant finishing touch to any upmarket coffee table which only deals in sophisticated and stylish tableware!

It’s soft cream Carrara marble colour and sleek edges give it a seductively modern appeal and they blend in with most decors while still having the character and quality to spark a guest’s attention.

If you want to turn them into a slightly more personal gift, you can also customise the marble by having it engraved with a name or phrase of your choice!

Reasons to Buy

  • Choose your shape or font
  • Personal engraving
  • Extra large width

Reasons to Avoid

  • Price

O3 Design Studios City Map Coasters


  • Material: Wood
  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 9.2 cm
  • Coasters In Set: 4, 6 or 8

A little bit different than the classic glitz and glam or personalised pieces, these stunningly engraved wooden city maps are the optimum option for globetrotters and tea and coffee drinkers.

With over 100 city map engravings to choose from and almost every continent covered, you can choose to make a set of 4, 6 or 8 to create yourself a cultural collection that features all your favourite getaways, bringing back beautiful memories with every sip of joe!

Made from high-quality Sapele wood, the coasters have a beautiful texture and lend well to fine and detailed engravings. However although undeniably beautiful, their width is almost a centimetre smaller than the average coaster – so make sure your mega mugs will be a good fit before purchasing!

Reasons to Buy

  • Choose from over 100 city maps from around the world
  • Create your own set

Reasons to Avoid

  • Price
  • Smaller width

OpenheartXO’s Imperfect Quartz Coasters


  • Material: Rose Quartz
  • Dimensions: 8 – 10 cm Diameter
  • Coasters In Set: 1 – 30

Nobody’s perfect… Not even coasters.

But if you find imperfections more vintage and valuable than worn and torn, these handcrafted rose quartz coasters have very much been crafted with love and passion rather than precision. And when you see the finished results… we’re sure you’ll be absolutely on board with their methods!

Trying to keep the quartz gemstone as natural and awe-inducing as possible, they are crafted without too much refinement to ensure that the original beauty of the rock is on-show and finished with a rose gold edge to give it some added elegance.

Featuring chips and peels, natural cracks and varying shades of colours and spots from pink and orange to black and brown, they’re a great way to bring a naturally beautiful piece of decor into the home.

They’re a certified conversation starter for any circle of friends who can’t get enough vintage!

Reasons to Buy

  • Vintage gemstone aesthetic
  • Polished gold edge

Reasons to Avoid

  • Imperfect design (if that’s an issue for you!)

From Willow’s Personalised Ceramic Coaster


  • Material: Ceramic, Cork
  • Dimensions: 10 cm Diameter
  • Coasters In Set: 1

For fancier friends who enjoy a floral landscape and the finesse and flourish of a fine artist at work, these personalised ceramic coasters are the stuff of dreams!

Handmade and boasting beautiful calligraphy and watercolour backgrounds, these high-quality coasters have been given a durable gloss finish and cork backing to ensure practicality and prettiness can finally be one and the same.

With a maximum of ten characters, you can then choose to have your piece personalised for yourself or a loved one, creating a personal and powerful work to sit atop your furniture.

They’re so sumptuous you may not even want to cover them up with your cup!

Reasons to Buy

  • Handmade & personalised
  • Fantastic for a gift

Reasons to Avoid

  • Max 10 character name

Amber And Rose Recycled Newspaper Coasters


  • Material: Recycled Paper
  • Dimensions: 10 cm Diameter
  • Coasters In Set: 1

These days to be truly fashionable, you can’t just have the style with no substance. And there is no better way to get some knowing nods of approval than by making sure you are sustainable!

A colourful eye-catcher for any coffee table, these recycled newspaper coasters keep things mess-free and appealing around your home thanks to a rustic yet quirky design.

Helping to save the planet one coffee cup coaster at a time, these rainbow coloured pieces are also handmade by a local eco-friendly initiative in Sri Lanka which sees old forgotten newspapers being used to create coasters.

This helps cut down on the use of unsustainable sources and better yet – cuts down on unwanted waste too!

Coming in a superb set of 6, there isn’t a more eco-conscious coaster collection around!

Reasons to Buy

  • Every coaster is unique in design
  • 8 colour combinations available

Reasons to Avoid

  • None – you’re helping save the planet!

Beautiful Gift Shop’s Love You To The Moon And Back Ceramic Coaster


  • Material: Ceramic, Cork
  • Dimensions: 10.16 cm Diameter
  • Coasters In Set: 1

Quite easily one of our absolute favourite coasters available, this heartfelt personalised piece is the sweetest little something for that precious little someone.

Taking an oft-repeated phrase and lending it some weight, this sturdy ceramic coaster with solid, non-slip cork base features a stunning painting print of a full moon and the words ‘I love you to the moon and back… ‘ with room to leave a personalised message underneath.

Providing an adorable handmade look and a spacious 10 cm width, it’s also as large as it is lovely!

Reasons to Buy

  • Beautiful gift for a loved one
  • 120 character personalisation

Reasons to Avoid

  • Handmade – slight differences in design

AJ Floral Custom Made Floral Coasters


  • Material: Dried Flowers, Resin
  • Dimensions: 10 cm Diameter
  • Coasters In Set: 1, 2 ,4 or 6

A truly one of a kind creation, these beautiful resin coasters incorporate freshly pressed flowers into their design process to create a floral feel that really pops!

Lovingly handmade, the seller works with colours too rather than specifically chosen flora, meaning you’re guaranteed a totally unique and never before seen coaster with every purchase.

Constructed with a crystal clear and carefully measured mould, you can even have special flowers in your life sent away to be preserved in the resin – from a brides bouquet to a special valentines rose.

Gifts really don’t get any more beautiful or thoughtful than that!

Reasons to Buy

  • Real pressed flowers moulded in resin
  • Handmade & unique

Reasons to Avoid

  • Air bubbles can form during creation

John Lewis & Partners Agate Coasters


  • Material: Agate
  • Dimensions: 10 cm Diameter
  • Coasters In Set: 4

A high-class spot for an elegant coffee glass, this Agate gift set from John Lewis is an incredibly in-fashion and eye-catching coaster set that makes the perfect gift for a loved one… Or yourself! (We won’t tell!)

A beautiful gemstone composed of quartz and chalcedony, agate comes in an array of pretty colours and patterns and so this 100% pure agate coaster set is no different.

Each piece is entirely unique thanks to its natural rock formation, meaning no two sorts are ever alike.

This makes it a beautifully personal and powerful present for your nearest and dearest, as well as the talking point of every dining table they adorn!

Providing around 10 cm in diameter, they keep surfaces clear of coffee spillage in a more dazzling and distinguished way than you’ve ever seen before!

Reasons to Buy

  • Pure 100% agate
  • Totally unique – no two sets the same!

Reasons to Avoid

  • Price

JINBOSHI 6 Pieces Black Retro CD Record Coasters


  • Material: Plastic, Cork
  • Dimensions: 10 cm Diameter
  • Coasters In Set: 6

For the music nerd nostalgia fan, this kooky vinyl record coaster set from JINBOSHI is a guaranteed no. 1 hit!

Coming in a quirky record sleeve gift box, every pack comes with six hilarious vintage LP designs that tickle funny bones at home or in the office.

Featuring records such as ‘Too Hot To Handle’ and ‘Keep It Clean’, they’re a tongue in cheek affair that makes a great gift for fussy old dads who miss the wholesome sounds of the 60s and 70s!

Far from a naff novelty present though, these cup placemats are made from non-slip food-grade plastic with insulation, keeping drinks on temperature and furniture untainted.

For anyone sick of namby-pamby or stale tableware, this collection will no doubt be music to your ears!

Reasons to Buy

  • Retro vinyl disc design
  • Non-slip cork backing
  • Amusing record titles

Reasons to Avoid

  • Sticker labels may peel off overtime

Table Coasters Buying Guide

Choosing what coasters to plonk your mug down on might not seem like a particularly strenuous task, with most people simply looking for a nice design that matches their home.

But if you spend too much time focusing on what looks pretty, you might lose sight of what’s practical and so here are the key features you need to be looking for in a spanking new set of coffee cup platforms!

Features To Look Out For

Size/ Diameter

A cute little dinky coaster might look sweet and wholesome atop your beautiful coffee table, but if it can’t even cover half the vase of your mighty mega mugs, then what use can they actually be to you?

The whole point of a coaster is to protect your furniture surfaces and so make sure yours have a wide diameter of at least 10 cm to prevent coffee stains and spillage!

Non-slip backing

While certain materials of a coaster certainly look more pretty and pleasing than others, it doesn’t really mean anything if your coaster can’t stay still and support your mug.

Most good-quality coasters therefore feature a cork or silicone backing which provides grip and stops the coaster from slipping and sliding across your furniture.

They can sometimes even provide anti-scratch properties, ideal for coffee cravers who like to drink on high-class glassware coffee tables.

Absorbent Materials

Coasters come in a whole variety of different materials, mainly because this means they can offer different styles and aesthetics for people’s homes.

However, while a pretty cotton material might look fancy in your living room, you might want to think about how absorbent and porous a material is first before purchasing.

For example, porous stones like ceramic and sandstone will naturally absorb more liquid runoff than other coaster materials, hence why ceramic is so popular.


Depending on whether you’re buying for yourself or someone else, how many coasters you get in a set can often be the information that swings the deal for you.

A single, pricier coaster is fair enough if it’s a gift for a loved one, but if it’s for your own home you really want a set of four to six to help accommodate family and friends at all times.

Easy to Clean

With all those coffee and tea stains at risk of running your nice coaster, you need to be able to clean them easily after a particularly messy brew.

A material which can be wiped clean easily or is dishwasher safe is your best bet.


Coasters can be cheap and cheerful or expensive and elegant, so it really is up to you what you want to spend.

Incredibly premium sets of coasters can go for up to £40 from boutique sellers while it’s still perfectly achievable to buy a nice set which does the job for well under £10.

For budget buys stay away from fancy materials and stick to reliable ones like cork and silicone – they won’t look as nice, but they’ll keep your furniture looking shiny and new for many years to come.


Are coasters a good gift?

Coasters might seem a bit tame in the gift-giving world, especially as there are so many plain jane designs out there.

But coasters are a much needed item in every home and even if you feel odd purchasing a set as a gift, the chances are that whoever you give them too will get great use out of them. Don’t be surprised if you pop round for a cuppa decades later and the very coaster you bought them is still there ready to greet your cup!

Similar to crockery or tableware, a well-designed coaster set makes a beautiful wedding or birthday gift for someone special and it’s rare someone is ever going to be disappointed with one.

If it’s not that kind of occasion, coasters also make great novelty gifts or token ‘I love yous’, as they’re such an easily customisable item, ensuring you can create the perfect personalised present for a person who deserves the best!

Why do coasters stick to cups?

This tends to happen most often with cold drinks in glasses, as condensation can develop on the outside and drip to the bottom of the glass.

Now for the scientific bit, the water around the bottom of the glass and the coaster have enough surface tension to create a kind of seal which prevents air getting in – creating a vacuum.

Because the air pressure around the glass is greater than the teeny tiny space between the cup and the coaster, a kind of suction is created, which is why the coaster is forced to stick to the cup.

But how do you get it to stop? Well, it really depends on what kind of material your coaster is.

The more porous a material is, the worse it will stick. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but if your coaster is ceramic or glass, it obviously creates a high chance of cracking or smashing when gravity prevails and sends the coaster crashing to the floor.

Materials therefore that are less porous like cork, or more shatter-resistant like wood or plastic should make this less of an issue.


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