Last Updated: 22-07-2020

The Best Sugar Free Coffee Syrups

Coffee syrups are rapidly growing in popularity, but there is no denying that their sugary formulas mean they’re full of calories.

Thankfully, just as with most sweet treats, there are now sugar-free alternatives out there, often referred to as skinny syrups. Some hit the spot, and some taste nothing like they claim to. How do you know which is worth your time and which isn’t?

Well, we have picked our top two options for the five most popular sugar-free coffee syrup flavours out there, which we are sure you will approve of:

Our Favourite Sugar-Free Coffee Syrups


The most popular in coffee shops, as well as in homes. Caramel and coffee just work so well together. Sweet and rich without being overpowering. It can also be used in cold drinks such as milkshakes, and is lovely in iced coffee and drizzled over pancakes or used in baking. Who doesn’t love versatility?


Gingerbread latte is now a drink which can be bought year-round thanks to its popularity, but if you want to try and recreate your own at home without the sugar which comes packed into the coffee pods, a flavoured skinny syrup should do the trick. Just like opening a packet of ginger nut biscuits.


You probably want hazelnut flavoured coffee because of the hazelnut and not for the sweetness. Maybe you don’t have an overly sweet tooth or like to have a coffee with some cake so love a slightly mellow, nutty taste. A sugar-free hazelnut syrup will let you enjoy the flavour without having to limit yourself.


Vanilla mixes well with slightly bitter flavours to bring them down a few notches. This is why it is so popular with coffee while offering a creamy, smooth taste too. Why not add it to baking, cakes, plain yoghurt and cocktails? Just a few drops will really make an impact.


Everybody’s downfall when it comes to the diets and cutting out sugar. It works with hot and cold drinks, as well as in cakes and biscuits for an added boost. Thankfully, with these syrups, you can have the chocolate flavour without the calories and sugar which comes with it. Pop down the Galaxy and pop the kettle on instead…

Gift Sets:

After a coffee syrup collection to give to a loved one (or maybe even try out yourself)? Jordan’s do a brilliant Classic Syrup Trio with Vanilla, Mocha and Salted Caramel flavours, or an entirely Caramel based collection here.


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