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    Whether you want something which you can take on the train during your morning commute, or a dedicated brewing machine which you can pop in your rucksack when you are camping, there is a wide scope of portable coffee makers out there, suitable for various eventualities.

    There is no reason to have to resort to taking travel-friendly instant coffee with you everywhere – the makers below are easy to carry around and use proper ground coffee to get great results.

    We have tried and tested ten of the best portable coffee makers (with options for every possible occasion) and reviewed them, so you don’t have to.

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    How To Find The Best Portable Coffee Maker For You

    It all boils down to what you need it for. Will you be commuting, so making your coffee before you hurry out of the door but needing it to stay warm and relatively spill-free? Or do you want something for your weekend hiking trips/occasional camping holidays/picnic lunches?

    We have featured some travel mugs suitable for making the coffee and acting as cups to drink it out of, as well as some devices which purely make coffee which you then pour into a separate mug.

    Some may also be suitable for home use if you want a device which will see you get your coffee no matter the event. There is an item for everyone above.


    As every item is quite different, there is no definitive price guide. Generally, travel mugs are cheaper than portable machines which will make the coffee.

    Also think about whether you will need to pay additional costs, such as filter papers, but also take into account the type of coffee it uses.


    What is the best coffee to use in a portable coffee maker?

    With each product review, there is the information about the coffee type it uses (ground or pods).

    You can’t use beans with these types of machines, as there is no method to ground them so you must either use a grinder separately or buy pre-ground coffee.

    It is usually recommended you purchase a slightly coarser grind, which would also be suitable for use in a French Press. This will give the best flavour without the grinds being pushed through the filters.

    Do I need a power source?

    Not for all of them. Some work just as a vacuum machine and use air to mix the coffee and water, and others use filters or french press-style methods.

    There are a few above which do need batteries or a source of heat to make the coffee, which is why these are best if you’re camping or on holiday. They also tend to make a better brew.

    One think you will need power for is the heating of the water.


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