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10 Best Nest Coffee Tables

When you need some table surface space to place drinks and snacks on during film nights or when guests are around, nest tables are ideal.

They take up barely any space when nested, but are ready to bring out when you need them the most. Or maybe you will have them out permanently as decoration in your living room, so want a set which matches but aren’t all the exact same size and design.

Whatever your wishes, these are the best nest tables available to buy online for a great price and a practical solution.

The Best Nest Coffee and Side Tables

Corona Nest of Coffee Tables


  • Material: Pine
  • Colour: Pine
  • Dimensions: L 66 x 41 x 53.5; M 51 x 36 x 46; S 38 x 33 x 38cm

The Corona range of furniture is pretty well-known, and if you want a set of furniture which matches then it is a really good bet.

Made from solid pine and featuring an antique wax finish, they’ll likely fit into your living room even if you don’t have the matching TV cabinet/side table etc. it is one of the best choices for the traditional coffee table look, and they aren’t too in-your-face.

Not only is it one of the more traditional picks on our page, but it is also one of the more affordable, with each table working out at just over £10. They are also available in grey or cream bases.

Reasons to Buy

  • Solid design
  • Lots of matching pieces available
  • Price

Reasons to Avoid

  • A little tricky to build

GOLDFAN Nest of 3 Tables White High Gloss


  • Material: MDF
  • Colour: White/White and Grey
  • Dimensions: Big Table 55 x 48 x 40; Mid Table 45 x 43 x 35; Small Table 36 x 39 x 30cm

Made from solid MDF and featuring a high gloss finish, this set of nest tables is ideal if you need some extra surface space, or if you want a practical selection.

Because of their sizes and styles, they can be used as ordinary coffee tables, side tables or even bedside tables. When you need some more floor space, they can all stack under one another, ready for when you need them.

If you’re looking for a set of tables which will be safe with kids and pets running around then they are ideal too, thanks to the rounded corners and smooth surfaces which should prevent injury.

They’re available in two different finishes, either all white or white and grey so you can keep it as simplistic or blend in as much as you want. Plastic foot pads keep them stable, and also protect your flooring. The overall fitting and assembly is simple, and instructions are thorough.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very modern
  • Curved edges so safe

Reasons to Avoid

  • Can scratch easily

John Lewis & Partners Calia Coffee Table with Nest of 2 Tables


  • Material: Oak
  • Colour: Oak, Dark Wood
  • Dimensions: H45 x W120 x D60cm

These tables are the ultimate space creator.

They’re made predominantly from solid American white oak, which is incredibly good quality and strong. There is also a natural rustic look which will make it a real focal point in your living room.

Underneath the one large table is two smaller side tables, great if you need your cuppa closer to you or there are guests around for snacks. Each has unique irregularities from the grain of the wood, so you really get a product which is unlike any other.

Reasons to Buy

  • Three tables in one
  • Available in dark or oak

Reasons to Avoid

  • Rough finish on tables – maybe not good for homes with young children

Avantis Nest of 2 Tables


  • Material: Metal
  • Colour: Rose Gold/Copper
  • Dimensions: 50 x 48 x 48cm

Finished with a copper hue, which is great if you have some of these designs you want to complement in your home, these nest of tables offer something very different.

They are strong, yet elegant in design, and they also have the benefit of looking pricier than they are. The design isn’t too heavy on any rooms which are light and flowing, and they let the light through too.

Our only niggle is that unlike other nest tables, you have to almost stack them as opposed to just pulling out the smaller one. Could be an issue if you want them to always look perfect, but nothing to worry about if there won’t be something on there permanently.

Reasons to Buy

  • Elegant design
  • Illusion of little space taken up

Reasons to Avoid

  • Have to lift the larger one on and off over the smaller table

Habitat Kilo Nest of 3 Tables


  • Material: Steel
  • Colour: Grey/White
  • Dimensions: 40 x 50 x 42cm

This Habitat Kilo Nest of 3 Tables is available in white or grey and gives you plenty of room for extra snacks and drinks on film night.

The steel tops are incredibly sturdy and hard-wearing for any highly active homes and the lacquered solid oak legs provide elegant support which isn’t too ‘bulky’.

They each weigh just 15kg. This makes them easy to lift and move around if necessary. From a brand such as a Habitat too, you can expect quality.

Reasons to Buy

  • Really strong
  • Scratch resistant

Reasons to Avoid

  • Pricey for what it is (but great quality)

The Furniture Market Mirrored Nest of 3 Tables


  • Material: Glass
  • Colour: Mirrored
  • Dimensions: Largest Table 56 x 48 x 50; Middle Table 44 x 36 x 43; Small Table 31 x 25 x 35cm

This plain, Venetian-style furniture makes an impact at the same time as being simple and modern, so would happily fit into any living area.

They are also perfect for smaller rooms, as the mirrored surface will reflect light to give a feeling of more space. When not in use, they take up barely any space.

All of the tables are individually handmade, to a high standard, and they require very little building with the legs just needing attaching to the table tops. Because of the finish, they’ll need care and attention when it comes to cleaning, but they polish up very nicely indeed.

Reasons to Buy

  • Something a bit different
  • Easy to build

Reasons to Avoid

  • As you’d imagine, they don’t stay clean for long

SoBuy® FBT35-SCH Nesting Table


  • Material: Metal, MDF
  • Colour: Black/Wooden
  • Dimensions: Main Table 60 x 35 x 44cm; Small Table 40 x 40 x 50cm

Want a nest coffee table in more of the traditional elongated style? This set of two tables features a lovely small standard coffee table as well as a side table which sits over the top.

The coffee table features a black-tinted glass top, so is perfect for permanently positioning in rooms without giving the illusion that it’s taking up too much space. There is a wooden shelf at the base so you can keep magazines, television remotes and snacks to hand.

The side table is almost the reverse of this, with a wooden top instead. This makes them an ideal match without being too ‘samey’. It can comfortably sit on the top of the coffee table when not in use, and be brought out if you have guests or are settling down for a night in front of the telly and everyone needs space to pop their drinks.

Reasons to Buy

  • Classic look
  • Complement each other without being the exact same

Reasons to Avoid

  • A bit tricky to build

Aula Nesting Coffee Table


  • Material: Glass, Steel
  • Colour: Choice of 4
  • Dimensions: L D90 x H35cm, S D70 x H40cm

With four finishes to choose from and a lovely low, glass build which gives the illusion of openness, these are some great tables if you’re after the light airy look.

Feng Shui masters say round tables create a flow of conversation and good vibes, and these tables will bring that in abundance. They’re designed to ideally sit together and create one long, multi-level table as opposed to being stored away, but this will be good for anyone who has space.

Reasons to Buy

  • Can separate tables when needed
  • Could also be used as matching side table

Reasons to Avoid

  • Takes up more space than you’d imagine

ASPECT Alana Set of 3 Nesting Table-Vintage Wooden


  • Material: MDF/Steel
  • Colour: Various options
  • Dimensions: L 40 x 40 x 42cm; M 35 x 35 x 39cm; S 30 x 30 x 36cm

If you are after wooden topped nest tables then this set of three ticks the boxes in terms of design and practicality.

They are available in black/walnut, silver/oak, chrome/vintage or chrome/white, so the exact shade of wood is possible. It is designed to have a slightly worn look which will look right in place in warm, cosy living spaces.

Each is a great size, and they fit together unobtrusively. Assembly involves quite a few screws but is simple to do if you have a bit of patience.

Reasons to Buy

  • Good price
  • High quality finish

Reasons to Avoid

  • Takes a little while to build all

Furniture To Go Small Nest Coffee Table


  • Material: MDF
  • Colour: Oak
  • Dimensions: L 50 x 44 x 40; M 43 x 34 x 40; S 37 x 29.5 x 40cm

These nest tables are safe to have in your home with curved edges and a smooth finish, and the Sonama Oak Melamine material is very solid which is great if you want something which is substantial and will last through day-to-day damage.

The boards are laminated, so they will withstand any accidental drink spills or heat transfer from cups. It is thick MDF too, able to withstand quite a weight.

As well as this traditional set of three nesting tables, it is also available as one large coffee table and two smaller side tables which slot below, so whether you want to save some space or want to have a practical larger coffee table, you are flexible with choice.

Reasons to Buy

  • Smooth finish
  • Curved edges – modern and safe

Reasons to Avoid

  • Set of three nest tables are smaller than expected

A2Z Home Solutions Marble Effect Nest of Tables


  • Material: MDF/metal
  • Colour: Black/marble
  • Dimensions: Large table 45 x 45 x 52cm; Small table 40 x 40 x 45cm

The marble look is bang on trend right now, but bringing this design into your living space can be a little trickier. These tables are an ideal way, also bringing practicality.

It is vinyl covered MDF, so while it may not be the most practical solution for households where there will be spilt drinks and a risk of damage, they’re great if you want to fill a corner with something decorative and a surface for some flowers, photos or magazines.

They are quite lightweight so can be moved around the room with ease, and the base is stable enough to accept a bit of weight.

Reasons to Buy

  • Modern look
  • Lightweight for moving

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not the sturdiest or able to withstand weight

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