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Last Updated: 22nd April 2021

10 Best Milk Frothers UK for The Perfect Foam (2021)

By Helen Cartwright
By Helen Cartwright
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    You have the coffee machine which gives the perfect coffee kick and taste, but your setup isn’t complete without a milk frother.

    Frothy milk creates a lighter texture, keeps the coffee taste as close to the original as possible, and also helps the milk warm up to ensure the drink stays true to temperature. Not to mention that some drinks require frothy milk, such as cappuccinos and lattes.

    If you purchase a coffee from a cafe, the milk will always be frothed, so it is an unmissable step for any true coffee fan.

    Some machines have a built-in frother, but if you use a non-electric method or an older machine you may need to purchase a separate unit. These are some of the best milk frothers in the UK at the moment.

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    Types of milk frother

    • Jug

    An all-in-one unit with the frothing wand inside. Most are electronic, but there are a few which will use hob power or need to be microwaved in order to get the heat aspect if desired.

    They are great if you want something fuss-free, which will likely keep mess at a minimum, and you’re going to be frothing in the comfort of your own home or work.

    • Handheld

    Just the wand/frother part of the setup, with no dedicated jug or flask. This makes it great if you need something easy to store away, want to save some money or would rather whisk straight into your cup to reduce the washing up pile.

    Most are battery powered, so you can take them anywhere, and they’re easy to hold and grip. Just be careful about the risk of splashing and mess, and be aware that most aren’t as powerful as the dedicated jug models.

    What to look out for

    • Capacity – Some can hold more milk than others. There are two things to check here, though. The cold milk capacity is how much milk the unit can hold at any one time and heat thoroughly when warming. The frothed milk capacity is the maximum amount it can froth at one point, which is often a lot less as it needs space to work and expand
    • Dimensions – Will it be out all of the time, or do you need to pack it away as frothed milk is only a treat? Ensure it fits your kitchen
    • Ability – Some can heat the milk, others can only froth and require you to heat the milk in the microwave or on the stove. Some have temperature selections, and others can also allow you to make hot chocolates or milkshakes directly in the jug. Check before you buy for what you need


    Why should milk for coffee be frothed?

    There is a lot of science behind why frothed milk works better in a hot drink than cold, and why frothy hot milk is best. But to keep things simple and away from the composition science talk, here are a few basic reasons why frothy milk is best:

    • Even Heat – When warming milk, aerating the milk is essential to allow the milk to heat gently, without scalding.
    • True To Taste – Foam, in particular microfoam, changes the surface tension of the drink, so you get more flavour and the milk doesn’t take away from the taste.
    • Smooth – Aeration of the milk helps the drink to remain smooth and luxurious.
    • Coffee Art – If you can make a nice heart on your latte, then you are gifted. But you will know that the milk needs to be frothy to work and be easy to work with.

    Can I use frothy milk for any other drink?

    Frothed milk can be used in any milk-based drinks, from your ordinary coffees and cappuccinos to hot chocolates and oat drinks. Some of the best milk frothers are also able to whip cold milk without heating it through too, which could be great for milkshakes and iced coffees.

    Are milk frothers suitable for plant-based milk?

    Some do struggle, as they work best with fattier milks and non-dairy options can be quite thin.

    We have picked out some which are great no matter which type of milk you use, but have a good look through other user reviews and see if anyone has praised or criticised the model.


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