Last Updated: 16th January 2021

5 Best Espresso Machine Knock Boxes 2021

By Helen Cartwright
By Helen Cartwright
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    A knock box is a must-have accessory seen beside every professional and home espresso machine. Once you’ve ground your beans and pulled the espresso shot, you’re left with the coffee puck.

    Do you trail to the bin, dripping coffee everywhere and creating a mess, banging the portafilter on the edge which is full of germs, or do you use a dedicated knock box or grind bin to dispose of it?

    It will sit right next to your machine, making it easy to get your next cup of coffee ready. Plus it is an item which takes pride of place in coffee shops, so if you want to look the part then you’re going to need one too. Here is the best of the best.

    The Best Knock Boxes

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    Things to bear in mind

    • Size – You want something which looks nice in your coffee station, not too imposing, and you’d also feel comfortable working with. Check the dimensions before you buy, especially if you’re going to want to store it somewhere
    • Capacity – How many coffees do you make every day? Do you want to leave it as long as possible to empty the box? Use the dimensions to work out how much it will hold. Some will only take around three or four pucks, but others could reach nearer 20
    • Material – Most are stainless steel as this is easy to clean and strong to cope with the ‘bashing’. There are some plastic models out there which are generally cheaper, but just think about how careful you’re going to be with it

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Knock Boxes

    Espresso Grounds Knock Box Buying Guide

    What is a knock box?

    A knock box is a tub which sits alongside an espresso machine, for when you need to get rid of the puck in your portafilter (i.e the used coffee grounds in the device you use to extract the coffee).

    Do I really need a knock box?

    Not particularly. Some people may just empty the puck straight into the bin or into a standard tub, but some reasons why a knock box is a better options include:

    • Hassle Free – No running to the bin as the box just sits alongside your coffee setup
    • Reduces Mess – The grounds need to be emptied out ASAP to prevent them sticking to the filter, but transporting them across the room could mean dripping coffee and grounds falling
    • Easy To Clean – The tubs are often made from metal and have curved corners to ensure all coffee is removed, especially if it is damp which could otherwise be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs
    • Dedicated Knock Bar – Hitting the portafilter against a surface could result in damage to either side, but the bars on a knock box are specially designed to take the blow and get every bit of coffee out without damage


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