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7 Best Coffees For Cold Brew 2020

Cold brew coffee is currently one of the biggest trends in the industry. It uses cooler water temperatures and longer steeping times to create a coffee which is a lot smoother, less acidic and the perfect liqueur to use in pretty much any coffee-based drink.

PS – You will also need a cold brew coffee maker

This flexibility means real coffee lovers have seen its popularity soar, but it is a great way for anybody who doesn’t usually like coffee to become introduced to the beverage. It can be warmed into a hot coffee or kept cooler to use as an iced coffee-style drink.

But as you will read below, it works best with particular beans, so we have rounded up the best coffee to use in order to achieve your perfect cold brew.

Our Top Picks

Image Product Details
Coffee Gift Set with Cold Brew Coffee Maker
  • Contents: 2 x 225g Coffee Beans/Grounds
Check Price
Kuka Cold Brew Coffee
  • Contents: 1 x 500ml Bottle
Check Price
SANDOWS Cold Brew Coffee
  • Contents: 12 x 200ml Bottles
Check Price

The Best Cold Brew Coffees

Coffee Gift Set with Cold Brew Coffee Maker


  • Contents: 2 x 225g Coffee Beans/Grounds

Need the beans and the cold brew coffee maker? This kit from Coffee-Box includes everything needed to introduce you or a fellow coffee lover to the world of cold brew.

You get two bags of award-winning blends of Source Climate Artisan Coffee along with a Grunwerg Café Olé Cold Brew Coffee Maker. You can choose whether you would prefer whole beans or for it to be ground, and all of the coffee is a single origin for maximum taste profiles.

It all comes presented in a lovely gift box, making it ideal for a treat for a loved one or for yourself.

Reasons to Buy

  • Complete starter set
  • Two blends of top quality coffee
  • Comes in a gift box

Reasons to Avoid

  • Can’t choose the beans (but do trust their judgement)

Kuka Cold Brew Coffee


  • Contents: 1 x 500ml Bottle

Can’t be bothered with steeping and grinding beans and measuring everything out? Luckily for you, Kuka has made a full-bodied cold brew coffee which can be used straight away.

Even though it has been crafted with espresso martinis in mind, it can also be poured over ice, so is a fully flexible beverage. It is made only from Hertfordshire spring water and coffee and has no added ingredients such as sweeteners or preservatives.

Kuka has used high-quality speciality beans with a medium roast profile, so you still get that full-on coffee flavour but without all of the bitterness and acidity which can put some off when the coffee is just used as a base for other more creative drinks.

Reasons to Buy

  • No effort
  • Perfect for a range of drinks

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not the best for hot drinks

Carrington’s Cold Brew


  • Contents: 250g Bag

We wrote about the Carrington’s cold brew just before it was launched in our Flavour Of The Month review, and as speciality coffee and cold brew makers, their flagship product is well worth a mention.

They are single-origin specialty Colombian beans with sweet and citrusy characteristics. The slow roasting, kept light, helps with the flavour impact when drunk. It should be brewed to a ratio of 1:10, left overnight in the fridge and then adjusted the next day to adapt to your tastes.

Leaving it for 12-16 hours is the optimum, to completely reduce acidity. It requires no added sugar as it is naturally sweet, which is dominant with the longer brewing. You can buy it as beans or grounds, and in a 1kg bag as well.

Reasons to Buy

  • Perfect for DIY brewing
  • Naturally sweet – no need to add sugars
  • Light roast for max flavour

Reasons to Avoid

  • Price (but worth it)

SANDOWS Cold Brew Coffee


  • Contents: 12 x 200ml Bottles

Need a really big fix of cold brew? Is it all you drink now, with no going back?

This original British cold brew is ready to go, and the good news is that you get 12 bottles of it, which should be quite enough for even the most regular of coffee drinkers. It is straight black, unsweetened brew, so is perfect if used as a base for other cold or hot drinks. 

You can also drink it straight out of the bottle, either as-is or weakened down with some extra water. Specialty grade coffee brewed cold and slow, it has a smooth taste with the coffee really coming through.

Not convinced yet? It is sold in Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, hotel minibars and in many of the UK’s best independent cafés. That has sold it.

Reasons to Buy

  • Large box of bottles
  • Popular brand

Reasons to Avoid

  • Being picky – would be good in larger bottles for ease

Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Coffee Packs


  • Contents: 240g Grounds/4 Single Serve Bags

This ground coffee is – you guessed it – the infamous Dunkin Donuts blend, but this time available to make at home.

The box contains 240g of coffee grounds, which is enough for around two pitchers. These grounds come in bags, making it easy to prepare a cold brew without the need for a dedicated maker or jug with a filter.

To make a pitcher, just use two bags with four cups of water, and steep for around 8-12 hours overnight. Remove the bags, and add some extra water to get it to your desired taste. It can also be used to make a single brew with one bag and two cups of water, in a suitable container.

It can be customised with a creamer/milk and sweeteners as normal.

Reasons to Buy

  • No need for extra equipment
  • Really easy to use and portion out

Reasons to Avoid

  • Extra packaging

Coffee Masters Cold Brew Ground Coffee


  • Contents: 1 x 500g Coffee Grounds

This ground coffee comes ready to use and is made from Single Origin Colombian Arabica beans.

It has specifically been roasted and ground for use as a cold brew, and one 500g bag will make around 5L of coffee which should last a good while. Just immerse it in water for around 12-24 hours, depending on how strong you like it.

There are notes of orange and chocolate, and it is light and bright. It is great with milk, and hot water off the boil if you want something a bit more traditional.

Reasons to Buy

  • Flexible use
  • Large bag

Reasons to Avoid

  • Grind is a little too fine in parts

Caffè Crème Brand Cold Brew Coffee Beans


  • Contents: 250g Bag

Perfect for cold brew (as well as espresso if you occasionally go from one to the other), these beans are from Fazenda Santo Antonio in Brazil and have hints of caramel, milk chocolate, and orange rind.

Because it can be quite flexible in its use, it is a great product if you are just looking to be introduced to cold brew but aren’t quite sure about whether you will like it. If not, use it in a filter or espresso machine.

Reasons to Buy

  • Good fruity taste
  • Full notes on where it is from

Reasons to Avoid

  • Beans so you will need a grinder

Cold Brew Coffee Buying Guide

Making Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee requires coarse grounds, so any beans above will need to be ground before using in a cold brew coffee maker.

You should look for grounds which have been ground to remain quite coarse, which is best when used in a filter jug method of brewing as there will be a fuller flavour, and no grounds seeping through the filter.

Also, look for a light to medium roast, which will mean more flavour in the end result.

What To Buy

As you will have read above, you can either buy cold brew which is ready made, or beans/grounds to make it yourself.

The former is great if you don’t want to ‘faff’ – it is ready to drink, and perfectly brewed and flavoured to use as a base or drink straight away. The latter is the best way to have full control over the end result, as you will be able to adjust the amount of water used, and the steeping time/strength.

Making the cold brew yourself is also best if you want to have a constant supply and want to reduce the amount of packaging you use. It is easy to pick up a bag of suitable beans from a local shop (although you will find the best options from speciality shops online), and the maker is reusable.


It is also cheaper to buy a maker and the separate beans/grounds in the long run.

If you buy cold brew ready-made, you’re also paying for the process.


What is cold brew?

It is a method of extracting coffee from grounds which uses colder water and longer brewing times compared to traditional methods.

We have compiled a blog on the exact origins, use and method of using cold brew, as well as how it differs from iced coffee.

What do I need to make cold brew coffee?

A dedicated cold brew maker is ideal, as it will allow you to steep the coffee in the water safely for the time using a proper filter to keep the grounds separate. 

What are the benefits of cold brew coffee?

It tastes less acidic and sharp, so it is good for anyone who does not like the bitter or strong aftertaste of a normal coffee. This makes it great for drinking black, but it works well if you like a creamier brew as well.

It’s a popular drink for those who have acid reflux, or who need the caffeine boost without the strong coffee taste.


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