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Last Updated: 22nd April 2021

10 Best Coffee Bags 2021

By Helen Cartwright
By Helen Cartwright
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    Coffee bags are essentially just like tea bags, except they contain ground coffee instead.

    Favoured by those who travel, go on picnics or go to work and can’t have proper sufficient coffee making facilities, you simply pop the ground coffee bag in your cup or drinking flask and pour on boiling water. No machines, no complicated settings and no mess left behind.

    They’re a great alternative to instant coffee, which contains a minimal amount of caffeine. So you can still have a proper cup of coffee without the fuss.

    These are the best coffee bags which currently exist in this rapidly growing market.

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    The Best Coffee Bags

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    As with all forms of making coffee (and indeed as with tea bags), the strength often increases the longer you leave the bag in the boiling water. But it is still good to get a blend which adheres to your tastes.

    The best coffee bags hover around roasting levels 3 to 6. Lighter roasts are light body, have a more acidic flavour and contain more caffeine, but those at the higher end have a more bitter flavour, less like their natural taste and more from the roasting process.

    Many people opt for lighter roasts in the morning and something darker for taste later on, but most manufacturers offer different blends so if you find a bag you like the sound of, opt to try a few if you are unsure.


    Packets of coffee bags can come in sizes anywhere between 10 bags and 50 bags. The latter is often better for value and will suit a coffee addict or someone who will be using the bags every day, and the former someone who wants them for the occasional ease they offer (such as at work or when on a weekend break).

    You can also now buy in bulk, so have around 100 bags which is great for an office.


    The price of a packet of coffee bags varies wildly depending on how many bags are in the box, the brand and the roast. In general, however, you can expect to pay anywhere between 15p and £1 per bag.

    The former price would be good for anyone who currently uses a filter machine or cafetiere and wants to stick to the same price bracket for the bags, and the latter is still cheaper than a takeaway coffee so either way, they are great value.


    Do coffee bags contain plastic?

    Just like ordinary tea bags, some bags use plastic to glue the edges of the bag together so it doesn’t disintegrate in your cup. But with sustainability on everyone’s mind, many are moving away from this.

    Percol is perhaps the best brand to go for if you want a guarantee to avoid plastic. But other brands such as Taylors Of Harrogate have compostable bags which are easy to deal with if waste is a concern too if you are wondering if coffee bags are compostable or recyclable.

    New Kings Coffee are also very concerned about the planet, so you can even recycle the little tin foil packs which keep each bag fresh – the best of both worlds.

    What is in a coffee bag?

    Coffee bags contain ground coffee. A common misconception is that it must be instant grounds, but they don’t need to dissolve as they’re contained in the bag so it is pure coffee grounds like you would use in a cafetiere, filter or drip machine.

    Can I use a coffee bag in a cafetiere?

    Yes! They can be used in mugs, travel mugs or flasks as well as cafetieres. They are designed for mugs though, so you may need to double up on the bags used.

    How do I get rid of a coffee bag?

    Many can be thrown away in household waste, and some are compostable so will disintegrate over time.


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