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Amazon Is Delivering Espresso Martini To Your Door

With house gatherings, Zoom quizzes and nights in having become the norm over the past few months, sales of alcohol for consumption at home grew by a massive 31.4%.

But we aren’t entirely out of the clear yet despite pubs and restaurants having reopened their doors, so if you’re still planning a (socially distanced) family get-together in your garden, Amazon has the perfect way to kick-start the party – a 5-litre keg of espresso martini.

Available on Amazon’s website now, you can get 35 servings delivered straight to your door. The keg retails at £112, which may sound steep, but actually works out at around £3.20 per glass. And we will bet that it is much cheaper than you’ve paid in the past.

Espresso Martini 5 Litre Self-Tapped Keg

It is the perfect size for a fridge and should last 2-3 weeks if stored properly once opened. At 11% ABV, it is as close to the real thing you can get from bars and pubs without getting the cocktail shaker out.

There is premium vodka in there, and they have used a cold brew espresso to ensure that coffee flavouring still comes through.

You don’t have to do anything else, either, as it comes with the tap supplied so everybody can just help themselves. If you want that usual froth on top, just give it a little shake in a cocktail maker before pouring, and top with a coffee bean for a perfectly Instagrammable night in.

Don’t panic if you don’t think you could quite manage that much espresso martini in this time – Giraffe Cocktail, the crew behind the kegs, have also made a couple of other options for anyone with a slightly fruitier palate, such as Gin Garden and Cosmo.

Buy your keg of espresso martini here


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